Style hunter who have participated in everything from TV, to crafts with Panduro.

Many years have passed where I have appeared in the media. Kråks stuga has been involved in over 50 magazines both nationally and internationally. I've been painting eggs in Bingolotto, written trend report for Italian IKEA Life at home, travel around Sweden to hold lectures about interior design and trends, and much, much more. Below you can see a few of the things i've been doing through the years. 

Superskapare henrick eriksson Bland.

MARS 2017

Superskaparna Sjuan (TV4 group)
Program series in channel seven where the most creative person in Sweden is nominated and given the title Super Creator of the Year 2017.
Winner: Henrick Eriksson-Bland

bingolotto gäst som pysslar, ger tips på dukningar, och pratar trender.

2018, 2019

Bingolotto TV4

Everything from crafts and table settings, to midsummer and Easter decorations.

Henrick eriksson föreläaser på bomässorna.

2018, 2019


Lecturers at the Housing Fairs around Sweden. Focus on "hanging pictures" and "Putting lighting". Also workshop with Panduro at the fairs.

Henrick eriksson föreläaser på bomässorna.
kråks stuga - inredningsbloggen som fokuserar på inredning, matlagning och det goda livet. Nu kan du också hyra stugan på Orust i Bohuslän.

2009 - 

Kråks stuga - One of Sweden's largest blogs.
Participates in everything from Amelia, Sköna Hem, Femina, IKEA Life at home and many more. Both as a blogger and as a trend analyst.

årets företagare på orust 2017

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


Trend reports, commentator, creator, garden expert, interior desiger, color reports, etc. Participated in more then 50 magazines and newspapers.


Entrepreneur of the Year 2017

Named Entrepreneur of the Year at Orust 2017. Involved a lot of exposure in local media.

Henrick eriksson föreläaser på bomässorna.
Panduro var huvudsponsor i Superskaparna där henrick eriksson bland vann. panduro pyssel och workshop hölls under 2018 och 2019 av henrick.

2017, 2018, 2019


Collaborates with Panduro. Everything from crafts in their magazine to workshops around the country at Bomässan.

radiopratare när det gäller trender, trädgård och inredning. både för p4 väst, p3 och p4. Henrick Eriksson-Bland, grundare av moltazdesign och moltazdesignshop. Observera att moltazdesign och moltazdesignshop inte har något samarbete. Varumärket moltazdesignshop drivs i ny regi av Elma Group AB ) Almö inredning & design )  i Myggenäs.

Radio P4 Väst, P4, P3

Everything from gardening, to trends and "how to secure the Christmas tree for your pets".

sköna hem utsåg henrick eriksson bland 2015 till sveriges stiljägare, tillsammans med stylisten Lotta Agaton


Appointed the titel Sweden's style hunter by Sköna Hem

Lotta Agaton and I are named Sweden's only style hunters in interior design, styling and trend. Incredibly great honor.

Henrick eriksson föreläaser på bomässorna.

2017, 2018, 2019


Everything from crafts and table settings, to midsummer and Easter decorations.




Interior designer on online-TV channels like CDON.