The garden is large, and there are many places to lie in the sun, sit down with a coffee, etc.

The greenhouse is furnished with a comfortable rocking chair, table and chairs so that you can sit outside even if there is a rain shower. Then it is cozy to sit under the vines and cuddle.

The large barbecue area is wonderful to be able to sit around with friends. An open fire, grills and plants.

The garden is partly lit during the evening


Shall we mow the grass? No - you should enjoy!

We take care of the garden with everything from edging, lawn and other things to make it pleasant to stay in the garden. It may happen that during your holiday week that the grass will be cut for a day for about 30-45 minutes, all for you to have as pleasant a holiday as possible.

Usually grass m.m. on Saturdays between departure and new tenants, but depending on the weather, this may change.

Would you not like to have the grass freshly cut, etc. please let us know in advance so we can inform the caretaker.