If you love to cook then this is the kitchen for you. On the walls you will find Henrik's best recipes for everything from scones and bread, to pizza and soup.

The kitchen is fully equipped and has a solid stove and oven. If you like cooking the food in an AirFryer, there is also one in the kitchen.

Other kitchen appliances; moccamaster, hand mixer, mini grill, microwave, smoothie mixer, electric whisk, waffle iron, baking machine, and a Sodastreamer (gas required and not included).

For pizza baking, Gourmet steel is available with accessories (for indoor use only).

Hand wash is valid, and a good thing is to keep in mind that the water comes from your own well, which means that you should not wash huge dishes under running water.

Fridge and freezer and large pantry, where you will also find the most common spices such as salt, pepper, cayenne, etc.

We have chosen not to have a kitchen table as all meals are eaten in front of the TV, or outdoors. It is so much nicer, looser, and cozier according to us in Kråk's cabin.

Food waste is decomposed in a decompose container the garden.