Do not know what size duvet cover you need? Or what happens if it starts to burn? Forgot your toothbrush at home? Or maybe a little more info about cleaning? If you do not find the answer here, get in touch with us!

Innerkuddar och innertäcken finns på plats när du hyr stugan på orust. Sängkläder tar du med själv. Eller köper på plats.


What is already in place are inner pillows and inner blankets. The size of the quilt is 150x200 cm, and the pillow 50x60 cm.

The size of the beds is; single 90 cm, and double 180 cm. Length 210 cm

The beds are medium / fixed in the frames.
Mattress covers and pillowcases are available in the beds.

If you need to buy bed linen on site, these are new, but washed to avoid chemicals etc. during your stay. That makes it goare quite simply. More about this in the next column.

Köp tandkräm och tandborste om du glömt det hemma. du kan köpa allt från sanitet till tvättmedel


Did you forget the toothbrush, soap, bedding or maybe a towel? Quiet. We have so you can buy it directly from us. You will then receive a code for a cabinet where you pick what you need and swish the sum.

In the cupboard you will also find fantastic detergents and washing parai from Laundry Society etc.

The cabinet is refilled and checked every week after departure by our "guard", so it must always be refilled with what is purchased.
Any profit goes to water projects within the Red Cross and the Cancer Foundation.

vatten från egen brunn. Torpet på orust.


Water comes from its own well and can handle a capacity of 4 people. You can remember not to take too long showers or wash dishes under running water.

Water heater of 80 l. (Enough for 4 people) But keep in mind that it is its own well so we recommend showers of about 5 minutes for water to be enough for everyone in the household.

WC is a modern environmental toilet, (earthen toilet) i.e. not water flushing. Instructions are available on site.

smart home lås när du hyr sommarstugan på orust i bohuslän.


A few days before arrival, you will receive a code for your booking email. That code is used throughout the stay as a key. You can decide for yourself a 6-digit code that we enter into the system.

The code only works after 15:00 on the day of arrival, and until it is time for departure. The code is deleted after this. The code lock can be controlled by the owners of the house.

Unlock: * xxxxxx * wait 2 seconds and the lock will open. (x = your personal code)
Lock; * and the door is locked.

Property and garden are insured, as well as additional insurance for rent.

hela stugan har utrustats med smarta elektroniska lösningar


If you want, you can use the system that controls everything from setting lighting, playing music and locking the door. There are the phrases that can be used during your stay.

For example;
"-Hello Google, turn on the lights in the hall".
"-Hello Google, play Monica Zetterlund"

There is a web station in the kitchen, where you get tips on things to see and do, and can control music etc.

Of course, everything can be controlled from light buttons located in the house. SONOS is available in all rooms and surfaces.

när du hyr sommarhus på västkusten så är säkerheten viktig.


In the house there are 2 smoke alarms that are connected. They are strategically placed and must not be covered or taken down.

Powder extinguisher is available in the kitchen and in the living room. With these, all fires can be extinguished. El, oil m.m
Feel free to read the instructions on the container so you know how it works if it should need to be used.

Cameras are available in the house and outdoors, which are turned off when the house is rented out. There is protection for the tenant to put over the cameras if you want to feel extra safe. (Removed on departure)

"First aid" is available in the house. Also tick tongs, tweezers etc ..

städartiklar för att kunna städa ur huset vid avresa.


On the day of departure, the house will be cleaned for the next guest. Vacuum the floors, carpets and sofa, wet dry the floors, dust the surfaces and leave no dishes or garbage.

Remember not to leave food or the like in the fridge / freezer.

Leave the house as you got it, it always gets so much nicer. Do you not want to clean yourself? We have a cleaning company that we can charge for a fee. Book at least two weeks before arrival.

Contact us for price information.

If the tendant leave the house without cleaning we will send out an invoice of 2700 sek that the cleaning service will cost during the weekend.

återvinning av sopor och matrester


We at Orust love to recycle from an environmental point of view. And we do it well!

Here in Kråk's cottage, we sort out all food waste and compost it in the garden. No fimpar, snus, alcohol m.m. may be thrown in the compost when it "dies".

You can throw other household rubbish in the rubbish bin at the driveway as usual. Emptying takes place during the high season twice a month, so feel free to sort out, for example, glass bottles, jars, etc. and leave to the recycling center in eg Henån.

As much as possible is good to recycle, and there are containers for it in the kitchen and in the basement, which the tenant recycles. It reduces the amount of rubbish in Sweden, and you get an extra star in the sky. 😀

Note that no chemicals or clean grease must be flushed down the drain.

brandriskoch eldningsförbud på orust


It's wonderful to light a fire on the big fire place. But if it is very dry in the ground, check that there is no fire ban or the like. It sometimes happens at Orust if it is terribly hot and dry for long periods.

The status of any ban can be found here:

If you need the water hose, which is located above the door to the basement, the water is turned on by turning a handle on the water outlet. (Marked down in the basement.)

Do not forget to keep an eye on the fire at all times during the fire. Do not leave open embers and the like unattended. Then rather hit a bucket of water if it is late at night.

Please note that no rubbish may be burned in the fireplace. Should this be done and a fine is imposed, any municipal remediation will be paid by the tenant.

There are high fines from Orust municipality for burning plastic, up to SEK 75,000, which is paid by the landlord / fire manager.