Wonderful, handmade, exciting and inspiring ecosystem for home and office. Guaranteed a topic of conversation to have on the table or on the kitchen island. All ecosystems are built by hand, and have carefully selected plants to create a closed system.

The best thing about an ecosystem is that they live very long, and require no work. Watered about once a year and trimmed just as infrequently. There are notes about ecosystems that are up to 40 years old, so it is a perfect gift as well.

A good ecosystem is carefully composed with the parts needed, and with the right plants.
Sold only in LA and Southern California at present.

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On the website you will find not only inspiring ecosystems, but also components for building your own system. Of course, you will also find all the tools etc. that you need to create your ecosystem ..

We have many different ecosystems to choose from, and it is also possible to get them specially made such as corporate gifts etc.

All plants come from local traders who we know have not used too much nutrients on plants and plants. Ecosystems must grow slowly and therefore the choice of plants is very important.

Ecosystems are only sold through selected markets and through B2B resellers. They can not be sent by post.