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webshop och facebook, instagram and all other marketing. Today they changed name to Almo Interior.

RePulse educational company

start up Facebook och Instagram

repulse, hemsida, webbsita
tavlebord honungsgård, tavlebord, honung, hemsida, webbsita, bygga hemsida

Tavlebords honey farm

homepage with webshop

Below you see some of the social media, websites, etc. that I worked with.
It does not matter if you sell oranges, hold trainings, or sell clothes. Every company I work with has its own niche in the customer world, and if you do not know who it is, I can help you with that.

I handle everything from Instagram accounts, to Facebook, twitter etc. Does your company need someone to take care of the website, posts, or image management? I will help you.

Some of my costumers: Tavlebords Honungsgård, moltazdesignshop, RePulse, Sagaform, Hackman, Esska baby m.fl

Social media

Social media - what is it, how does it work, and how do you get started?

- I help you with everything from registration to take care of your accounts.

Social media, websites, blogs, etc. are something that all companies want, but usually do not know how to start up, manage, or perhaps how to work with it to reach sales or results.

I have extensive experience of building and managing social media, building online stores, websites and making strategies for the digital world. Also lectures and educates on the subject.

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Almo Sweden

instagram, Facebook and marketing. 

ESSKA baby

website and webshop, sociala medier.

baby, esska nappar, barn,

and more...