Are you going to redo at home? Or maybe should build new and have no idea what materials you want or should choose. I can give you some tips along the way, and also take a look at the tab "How to make a moodboard".

I crave for "real" materials, such as wool, wood, cotton, stone, etc. as they are classic and only get more beautiful with the years. If you also find a good base, it will be more economical to add accent colors according to season, trend and style.

Try to overlook all blogs, fancy interior design magazines, and TV shows. Of course, they are good inspiration, but always start from yourself and who will live in the home. So it will not be a more or less show home.

Keep in mind that the same material can have several colors in it, which can create dynamism and give amazing effects.


Start by thinking about wear and tear. If you have children, pets, wheelchairs, etc., more durable materials may be needed on, for example, floors, stairs and furniture. The next step is to think about daylight. If the sun is strong, well then you can not use silk, some cotton prints etc. then they fade with time. This also applies to floors. When you have thought about the first two tips, it is important to figure out which environments should be in the home, and can the same material (perhaps in a different color) be used in another place in the home? It would create a common thread through the home and give a more harmonious impression.

välj rätt material när du inreder hemma.


When choosing the type of wood, look at the properties of the wood. Does it turn yellow over time? Is it hard or soft considering scratches and bumps.


Try to use natural materials as they give a feeling of security and "authenticity". Makes it very easy to match everything from brass to silicone in the details.


Keep in mind that contrasts create dynamism and look elaborate. For example, stone against wood, glass against concrete, silk against jute, etc.


Under the tab "making a moodboard" you put hiop ideas and materials into a map of what to do. So the material choices are important, so select the materials before you put on your mooboard and it will be a little easier. A mood board makes it both easier and cheaper for you when it comes to planning and buying materials and furnishings.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are an incredible number of exciting materials on the market today that are made from recycled materials.
The best thing is also that it does not cost the shirt, but keeps the same prices or lower as new material.